School Activities

(Included in school fees)

Little Grange ensures our little ones have plenty of stimulation with a myriad of fun activities during the school day!

Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours is a life skills programme that teaches children skills and strategies to help prevent them from becoming victims of abuse and violence in the community.  

It helps children to identify safe and unsafe situations and gives them problem-solving strategies to use when their physical and emotional safety is being compromised.  

Manners 4 Minors

(Monthly Workshop)

MANNERS4MINORS is a specialized program designed for children, introducing them to the benefits of having good manners and displaying universally acceptable social skills.

Through the use of interactive role play, props, puppets, positive reinforcement, and a carefully designed curriculum, it stimulates interest in manners that will extend beyond the school walls.

Wild & Earthly

Wild & Earthly come to Little Grange to show us all the amazing and beautiful animals in their care.

The littlies get to learn all about the little critters as well as get to play and touch creatures they wouldn’t usually be exposed to.


Tuck Shop day is held once a month on a Friday. Our Littlies bring R10 to school and are able to choose treats to buy.

We enjoy the opportunity to provide extra fun and interactive way for our Littlies to experience the current theme by setting up the Tuckshop based on the theme being dealt with that week. 

Make & Bake

Sensory activities are so important in child development and what better way to evoke the senses than through baking?

We plan themed treats for our Littlies to prepare. They follow instructions given or are assisted to make the treats if very young. Best of all, our Littlies get to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and eat the treat that they have made.

Hooked on Books

Hooked on Books dramatises contemporary children’s books. By leaving the story at a nail-biting cliffhanger they entice learners to make a beeline for the library to find out how the story ends. 

With their strong emphasis on audience participation, they succeed in drawing the ever-so-eager audience into the pages of a good book. The shows are hilarious, dramatic, thrilling and educational. 

Parent Workshops

(Included in school fees)

We help support our parents too with industry specialists who have some brilliant insights and helpful guidance for Mom’s & Dad’s.

Stark Counselling

Stark Counselling evenings happen once a year. Parents are invited to a group chat with a registered Psychologist, Robert Stark.

We have been working with Robert Stark for many years and value his input, advice and guidance based on the social and emotional development of children and how to handle anything parents may be curious about.

Sensory Matters

Sensory Matters evenings take place once a year, a registered paediatric occupational therapist joins us for an evening and addresses certain gross and fine motor norms, as well as answers questions parents have on the evening.

Their love of a play-based approach is most welcome and favourable to our school ethos and philosophy.

Extra Murals

(Not included in school fees)

We have all sorts of fun extra activities available at Little Grange to broaden our littlies experiences:

Born To Dance

Ballet & Modern Dance

Little Kickers


Bold Bodies SA

Horse Riding

Edu Tumble


McGee’s School of Swimming

Manners 4 Minors

Character Coaching

Supreme Golf Academy

Wiggle & Jam

Music & Movement